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24 September 2008 @ 10:16 pm
So, we're in our Theories of Learning class and we have review today. His version of review is for the class to split up into groups and play jeopardy. yay.

First of all, I never talk in class. I just don't, and I never have. This is who I am.

Anyway, this guy that sits two seats up from me was like "ok, that row over there..you three in a group, and me, her, and you can move back a seat..." "you" was me! in other words, he didn't want me in his group!! I was like ....did he just?...what in the?...oh no he didn't!...what just happened here? Of course I didn't say anything.

Well, the professor split us up into 3 groups and gave us all a number from 1 to 3. My number was a 2. And so was his and this other girl who is really nice but doesn't talk much in class either. When he found out, he said "Great, I'm not going to win" or something like that. She said "Thanks for the vote of confidence." And then I said "No shit!"

I mean that really pissed me off!! Just because I don't talk in class doesn't mean I'm stupid. I didn't get into grad. school based on looks, ok? I HATE people like that. Friggin' hate 'em! (And he is one of those annoying know-it-all types who uses big words when they're not needed)

So, the game starts and of course I know a lot of answers and of course I never raised my hand. I kept second guessing myself, and worrying what everyone would think if I got one wrong. I can't do that anymore!! Goddammit!! I was so mad at myself and the little shit that didn't want me in his group. We lost. Go figure.
22 September 2008 @ 12:10 pm
OMG! I remembered to write in my journal!!

Ok, so yesterday we went to the park with Elizabeth and Kristen and my mom, and Donald. hehe, yeah he's always with me, isn't he? Elizabeth came with us knowing that she was going to the park. So, we couldn't disappoint. But, I was starving, so we went to Chili's first. The whole time we were there she kept saying "Park?" "We're going to the park!" Holy hell, better not let this kid down, right?

So, after we ate, we were on our way to the park. And the kid started singing a little jingle about how she's going to the park. So cute! So, we get there and there are mosquitoes everywhere!! I got bit 5 times in like a minute, k? So, of course we can't let her stay outside too long because she gets bit worse than I do. So, I had to break the news to her that we had to leave. I felt so bad! I kept saying a couple more times down the slide then we have to go, ok? She didn't want to go, naturally. But you know what changed her mind? Kristen told her she had a mosquito (or bug) in her hair, and she was ready to get the hell out of there!! I love it! This kid does not like bugs! I got maybe one or two good pics of her but that's it. I'll have to post them later..if I remember how to.

I felt so bad because we had to leave because for hours that all she talked about (the park). And we finally get there, and then we had to leave. Thank god for the bug in her hair, because if that hadn't happened, she would have been crying hella hard. lol

And, I realized something today. I really don't have much to write about. Sad. School is pretty much the same, and I wouldn't want to bore everyone with that.

But wait! We filled in our time sheets at school today! So, we're getting paid!!! YAY! Dr. Williamson asked me if we were going to blow it all. I just laughed and told him no we're paying bills with it. Now, that's sad. We have a lot of bills.

Ok, now I'm off to my next class. yay..
20 September 2008 @ 10:01 am
ok, so i know i haven't posted in A WHILE. haha i forget, ok?!!

So, what's been going on with me? Well, pretty much school. And I work 2 days a week now. Which is cool, I guess.

Graduate school is hella hard, let me tell you. One class, Quantitative Methods or QM for short, is kicking my ass! But, it's kicking everyone's ass, so I don't feel so bad. We had our second test on Thursday, and I hope I did ok...at least a B, please!! please?

We've been in our new apartment for a month now. I love it. I want to redecorate our bedroom but Donald doesn't want me to. I think I have issues with keeping something the same. I love change! And he doesn't. Go figure.

I feel like I'm missing out on everything. I'm at school all the time and studying pretty much all the time too. This sucks. I want to go do something, but I can't because I have to study. Not this weekend though. I'm not doing anything related to school this weekend, dangit! Nope! I'm going to clean my house and take lots of pictures! I love taking pictures, and you all know this by now. But Monday's just around the corner, and I have to do it all over again. Oh well. At least I have Donald. yay. LOL
20 August 2008 @ 12:28 pm
Ok, so now I guess I can start writing in my livejournal. Only If I can remember too! haha

Ok, so school started on Monday! My first semester as a graduate student/assistant. I like it so far. The only job I have to do for my professor is keeping track of his attendance, and there's like 100 people in that friggin' class. So, it's going to be a lot harder than I thought. And why the hell can't these people write legibly? Is it that damn hard? I had to collect 87 sheets of paper with all of their contact information and on some of them, I have no idea what the hell they wrote! So, now I have to call them and ask, "How do you spell your name and is your email address really spelled that way?". It's freakin ridiculous! Freshman.

Our new apartment kicks major ass! The bedroom is upstairs with a balcony looking down on the living room. So, if I'm upstairs and donald is downstairs we can throw each other stuff we need. Awesome!!

I'm telling you one of these days, I am going to remember to write on this thing more often! Maybe I should join more communities and stuff. Any tips/ideas??
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04 July 2008 @ 09:14 pm
I need to say this first before I say anything else: I am not writing this to try to get friendships back, if you were my true friends then I wouldn't have been dropped like a dirty piece of trash..I just want to say what's on my mind, and maybe let you all know a whole other side of the story. And you know what? This side is probably more true than the other cause I've got nothing to lose, I've already lost you all, so why would I lie? and hey, that's what journals are for, right?

Ok, here goes. Everyone else has written about "the drama of 2008", and I really was going to stay out of it..why? because it was none of my business. But, I noticed that people had deleted me from their myspace. hmm.. maybe by accident? I honest to God, had no idea what I could have possibly done to upset these people.. So, what would a normal rational thinking human do? Why, message of course! I did, and found out that me and my husband who has NEVER spoken an ill word about these people (nor have I) have been deleted because we are "associated" with the person they were upset with. Now, I'm a college graduate with a pretty damn good grade point average, and I still, for the life of me, can't understand how this rationalization makes any sense. Just because I am her sister, does not mean we think the same. And let me mention this first because it is very important: I do NOT always take her side because she is my sister. I will be the first to say, "Damn, Kristen you are a bitch!"

Ok, let's start from the beginning. This is what I know: Michele wanted to go get Tanya for Kristen's birthday party. As soon as I found out about it, I was ecstatic and very grateful. And guess what, so was Kristen! If you don't believe me, call our boss and she will show you the video of it, k? She was so happy and telling everyone at work what Michele was going to do, and they were happy too. Then, I watched and read the texts between Kristen, Tanya, and Michele. Michele and Tanya were planning on surprising Kristen on when they were coming. The only reason why Kristen got upset was because she needed to get the days off, and how could she if she didn't know what days to ask for? I would be a little upset too. I know this because I was there the whole time and talked to her about it. Then came the constant texting and calling from Michele to Tanya. Tanya is a mother of a three year old, and she doesn't have time to keep up with the constant texting and calling. She is a nice person who doesn't like confrontation, so she asked Kristen to tell Michele to oh, I don't know, leave her alone for a bit? Pretty much, if Michele wanted to know something from Kristen, could you please ask her yourself?..I gotta take care of my three year old...something like that.. If you want to do something out of the kindness out of your heart, then by God you shouldn't demand a thank you. You should do it because you enjoy making that person happy. Not everyone expresses thanks the same way. I know my sister like the back of my hand, and she was VERY thankful. If I was being bullied into saying thanks, I would be like "Fuck you, I don't need it." That's why we went to get Tanya ourselves, and we had a blast by the way.

Try to think of how Tanya feels..You feel bad for someone having to drive all the way over to Texas to come get you, and then bring you back. Then someone says they will get you (and you feel like a bother) but then says that they won't come until someone says a thank you?! I would be a little upset and confused as well. I am taking up for Tanya here in saying that she didn't do anything wrong! She was the one who was put in the middle. Who put her there? Michele. Yes, you heard correctly..Miss Saint.. She was the one constantly telling her to tell Kristen this and tell Kristen that.

Now let's discuss the fight between Kristen and Michele. And this really should be just between them, but hell it's all out in the open and she's told everyone anyway, so why not discuss it now? Ok, let me say this first. I LOVE Michele as a friend. She would absolutely give you the damn shirt off her back. She has done so much for me and my sister over the years, and we really are thankful. But, I've always felt a little confused and sometimes freaked out by Michele's obsessive behavior towards my sister. Don't say it's not there, because, DAMN, everyone notices it. I'm telling you, only me, Tanya and my mom know how Michele treats us because we are the closest to Kristen. I can't really explain what she does, but she does it well. She tries to get me alone and ask about Kristen and stuff, and sometimes honestly I feel that she is only friends with me to get in good graces with my sister. It's freaky and damn I can't explain it very well. Shit.

Anyway, Tanya notices like I do that she was deleted off of LJ and myspace. She's the one who told me, so I checked mine then. Yep, both deleted. And we didn't do anything wrong! What did we do?! And I just checked Donald's for shits and giggles, and hey, whatd'ya know? He's deleted too! Honestly, he just laughed...he doesn't do drama and I've never been involved in any of it in the past, but I was brought up so here I am.

Anyway..Adam hears about all of this before we got deleted and decided to try and tell the side of the story that probably wasn't told. Yes, he was a little abrupt, by that's Adam and you all should know how he is. He was just stating the facts as he knew them. So, now everyone thinks that he started it, but in reality it was a whole lot of shit just blowing way out of proportion.

So, pretty much Summer and Holli are ceasing friendship with us because we are "associated" with Kristen and Adam. Don't you all think that that's not a very nice thing to do? If that was me, I'd be like, "hey you're sister's being a bitch, but you're cool! how's things lately?" I mean, this is just ridiculous people!

Actually, the main reason why I am writing this is because I am incredibly hurt by Holli. Yes, I said it. So is Tanya. I haven't really talked to anyone over the past year, not just you and Summer. I've been so busy with school and working almost 40 hours a week while going to school,and moving, and getting ready to graduate, graduating..then studying for the GRE, applying to grad school,and now working almost 50 hours a week! I was there when you were moving and we hugged and I almost cried because I knew I wouldn't see you for a long time. We were Harry Potter buddies! I hated the fact that you had to move. And I didn't know you were cutting ties when you moved, that's new to me.

I had no idea people could just throw away a friendship so easily, like it meant nothing to them. All I can say is that, if I were to do that to someone, they better had done something really fucking bad to cease friendship completely. I guess everyone's not like me.

Again, I didn't say all this to make excuses or anything. My name was mentioned in someone's journal, and I feel I have the right to explain what I saw and how I feel. So take it as the truth, because it took alot for me to have to get on this damn thing and type for this long, and I wouldn't waste my time typing lies because I have better things to do, like play Sims2.

By the way, Kristen hasn't said anything to anyone since they moved because no one talked to her. She's been made out to be the one starting stuff as well, but she was content to vent to her friends and not drag anyone else into it. As has been stated, Michele made the call to Summer, and Summer told Holli about it so, if were going to point fingers for dragging people into things, let's point them correctly. Adam made a valid assumption about how things transpired so he made his original entry visible to those who were involved.
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27 November 2007 @ 12:13 am
ok, I know I haven't updated in a looooong time. Sorry 'bout that. But I wanted to let everyone know the date of my graduation. It's on December 15th at 2 pm. And I hope everyone can go! Oh, I need addresses too! I got invitations two weeks ago and the stupid bookstore still doesn't have the inserts for them. How retarded!!
27 February 2007 @ 10:31 pm
So, I've been to this wonderful place called Black Bayou Lake three times so far. And I have yet to post any pictures. This is probably due to the fact that I took hundreds of photos. So, I'm finally posting them. As I said, I took hundreds. But, I'm only posting the ones I really like. This place is absolutely gorgeous. The first time I went, the weather was absolutely my favorite kind. Overcast and cold as hell. I loved every minute of it! The second time, it was pretty much the same. But..the third time I went, which was Sunday, it was warmer and we got there right before the sun started to set. I had no idea Monroe actually possessed something so beautiful. The photos do not even come close to how it actually looked, but it's good enough. I have a feeling we will be going there alot in the future. I hope you enjoy the photos as much I enjoyed taking them!!

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16 February 2007 @ 11:07 am
well, here he is! Our new addition. We haven't picked a name yet. Any suggestions?

12 February 2007 @ 11:47 am
In two weeks, I will no longer be an employee at PhotoFast. Yes, I know...SHOCKING!! Something came up at Donald and Kristen's work, and they need someone to work in the Deli. I figured, what the hell...I get paid more and I will only have to work three days a week...I work five where I'm at now. I'll get to work with Donald as well. This is going to very interesting to say the least. I'll be in the Deli and he'll be up front. ha! It's not like I'll get to hang out with him or anything. I probably won't even get to talk to him, but oh well. It's a change. And I welcome change. So, wish me luck. Oh, and Kristen is going to get to train me! I'm not too worried about learning how to make the food, it's buttons that I have to push that I worry about. I'm a quick learner. But, it's going to very weird not working in the photo industry. I've been doing that for what five years now?? It's going to be very weird. VERY VERY WEIRD!

Yesterday, we went to Walmart to drop off a roll of film. I told her I just wanted it processed and sleeved and cut. Should only take about 15 minutes right?? Oh, hell no! She said to come back in an hour. I looked at her like...wtf?? I said...alright. But, I stood there and waited for it to come out anyway. I know how long it takes people! and it doesn't take a freakin hour! I figured she must have been really busy. (she wasn't). Anyway, so the negatives come out and she goes to cut them. (this was ten minutes later by the way) And I watched as her and her rude-ass co-worker get their greasy little hands all over my negatives! You're not supposed to touch them like they were! I was positive they were getting fingerprints all over them! I told Donald..and he got in super bitch mode. That's the only way I can describe it really. Kristen immediately walked away because she knows how Donald gets...We picked the negatives up and he asked one of the workers..Is it normal for you to handle negatives the way you just did? You got fingerprints all over them. You're not supposed to rub your fingers all over them..and yada yada yada..something like that...you know what she said?? She said...oh, you must be taking photography. (this is where I was speechless) WTF! um, it's common sense, you stupid bitch! These are the stupid fucking people I'm always talking about. If you can't NOT handle negatives properly, you should NOT be working there! PERIOD. Anyway, I walked away and Donald was yelling stuff like "You got a problem with me!"....So, In conclusion..I pretty much ruined my chances of ever working at that lab in the future. Not like I wanted to anyway. That's what I get for being impatient and going there in the first place..

On a more happy note, this weekend was the Mardi Gras parade in Monroe! My cousin Andrea, her two kids, my aunt Judy, and my grandmother all came to see us! Donald had to work, so he didn't come (which sucked by the way). Michele and Holli came too! I had a helluva good time! Donald is usually my bead catcher. But, since he didn't come, I only caught one by myself. Michele caught a few and gave them to me. How sweet! I didn't get home til almost 1:00. I was trying to get home by 12:30 so Donald wouldn't freak out when he got off work. Well, it didn't happen. He came home, and I wasn't there, so he freaked out like a good husband should. lol He called me, and I told him I was on my way home. At least he was worried about me right? He gave me the cold shoulder when I got home. He eventually got over it.

I noticed something at the parade though. There was a boy that I would say to be about 10 or 11 drinking a beer! WTF!! I was like.. did you see... what in the..i can't believe... i was speechless.. And we were walking to McDonald's to go to the bathroom and as we were walking in ... i heard a guy say..."it's operation hide the beer time" (insert dorky laugh) ..this is when i said I am so thankful that I am with Donald..Good lord, I hate people like that! but, then i started thinking..was i like that? and i think i was... *cringe* it's amazing how much I've grown since I've been with Donald..most people don't know this..but that one period of time in my life..where I drank every freakin weekend...well, i did it for a reason (the drinking)... and you can call me a bad person if you want, but the main reason was to get a little tipsy so I could flirt with Donald...I mean, don't get me wrong...drinking was fun..but I mainly did it for that reason...does that make me a bad person? it does, doesn't it? considering i was with someone at the time... but, that's all in the past now...But, now, that I'm actually the legal age to drink, I can barely drink half of what I was able to drink back then. sad, huh?

Anyway, I was so glad that my family came! The night before we all played on the Wii, and I laughed so hard that night, my cheeks were sore from smiling so much! I really had a great time and I took soo many pictures...so here they are!

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06 February 2007 @ 10:28 am
Well, I had the most fantastic birthday! Since my birthday technically began at Midnight on Saturday, I talked Donald into letting me open his present then. Here's the story. Kristen called me earlier that day and said "I know what Donald got you!"..I asked what it was. She said she wouldn't tell me. I asked her if I would like it. She said...yeah, you'll like it. This confused me. Normally she's like, OH MY GOD, You're gonna freak out! and yada yada yada. This time she was like..yeah, you'll like it. hmm... So, I thought Donald bought me some weird little random trinket to put in the apartment or something. That's why I wanted to open it up at midnight. My curiosity got the better of me. He caved. He does every time. LOL So, I started to s l o w l y unwrap it. (and if you click on the link, you'll see what he wrapped it in..bless his heart)..I caught a glimpse of a patch of the unwrapped item. Then I started to literally freak out! He got me a Wii!!!! I've been searching for one since they came out and BAM! there it was!!! I jumped on him, seriously, jumped him! He's just the greatest guy ever!! He said he went to every store in town, and the last store was Sears, and they had two left!! omg omg omg...this rocks!!

We went to eat lunch at Peking with my dad, Mr. Mudgett, and Denise. I had so much fun. I got a gift card to Old Navy (woot woot)! There was a little boy there celebrating his birthday also. Then my dad decided, hey let's sing happy birthday! They started singing, and then the little boy's family started singing as well. Let's just say embarrasing was an understatement. I hate that! But, I had a great time.

Then, I decided I wanted to go to park because it was such a pretty day. We picked up Adam and Bobby and family met us there. We walked around and found the swingset. Then, (I don't know whose idea it was) we all began to jump out of the swings, and I had my camera and I'm telling you..I almost pissed myself I laughed so hard!! (again, click on the link and you'll see why)..
how old are we again?! LOL

I wanted to take pictures of Elizabeth but dammit it was so hard!! I definitely need practice with taking pics while in motion. I think I got some good ones, but most of them were blurry..ah well..

My mom decorated for the cake party, and it was so pretty! I told her I didn't deserve all of this, and she said I did. She must have decorated for hours!! I opened all of my presents, and was floored at how much stuff I got!! Kristen got me the complete works of Jane Austen..(again..woot woot)! and alot of other cool stuffs...Then, we all played the Wii sports game...by the way, I suck at that! lol

So, click on the link..

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